The textworks consist of manual interventions in already existing printed texts. They are drawn on newspaper- and magazine articles, and on entire books (see bookworks). Some interventions mainly reveal structures of lay-out or language. Others are more content-based, showing patterns in the meaning of a text. In general they are both; exploring underlying structures and meanings of both formal and content-based aspects of the text, transforming the text into an image that can both be read as overviewed in one glance. They are meditations on language, obsession, politics, music, play, design, structure and beauty, and are shown in various ways:

In exhibitions, as originals under glass on the wall or on a display table; framed, projected, or printed on large banners.

In performances, as point of departure for music or theater; for instance as graphic scores, performed by musicians, singers or actors who read them from print or projection; or transcribed into orthodox musical notation by a composer.

In publications, returning transformed to their original format.