The photographs are records of ephemeral processes and situations, mostly stumbled upon while living:

RAYOS (rays) is an ongoing series documenting light beams.

AUSENCIAS (absences) show ephemeral situations encountering a projected ‘other’.

PIEDRAS is a large ongoing series of photos of stones encountered on walks through the Maestrat area in Castellón, Spain. It has become a sport to find them, though I’m still not sure if they rather find me ;-). 

PLANTROOM, 2008, shows a dark room full of windows covered on the outside with plants, which make intriguing shapes and shades that blend with reflections from the inside, amongst which my face and body. I had discovered this room by chance, roaming the empty halls and corridors of a former office building where I had a temporary studio.

BLACKBOARDS WITH VIOLETA, 2001, show phases of a mutual drawing process on a blackboard, on which the then nine year old Violeta and me each worked alone, in turns, during months without meeting, and in the beginning, even without knowing each other. It hung on the 2nd floor of the dimly lit staircase I daily climbed towards my studio on the 3rd floor. Normally it only contained small practical messages, but one day this children’s drawing appeared, upon which I was tempted to react…

VAHO (vapour), 2000, is the record of an ephemeral diary: During a period after each shower a drawing was made in the condensation on the bathroom mirror. I started to draw what I thought that I saw (me), after which I continued to respond to what I started to see – in the open line – and consequently thought.