Tanja Smit’s project is to read the world. Her paintings, drawings and textworks – manual repetitive interventions in newspapers, magazines and books – are the result of open working processes in which new and self-inflicted rules mix with anarchy. New meanings are revealed and constructed upon known surfaces. Some of the pieces undergo a (second) translation into music or video.

The works have been shown widely in Spain, the Netherlands and other countries in solo- and collective exhibitions, including in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the MACBA documentation center and La Virreina in Barcelona.

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studio in De DCR

fragment video:The Heart Book

performance video: Of music in language

cooperation with Anne Wellmer

cooperation with Melissa Cruz

cooperation with Angel Faraldo, Marie Guilleray

cooperation with the Genetic Choir


Independant Drawing Initiative


studio Loos

villa la repubblica

The textworks performed: Textworkers


la Rara Artbooks

Workshops artist2artist, Hangar


Stichting Maldoror